The Subaru Forester Proves Its Outstanding AWD Capabilities

All-wheel drive no longer differentiates crossovers. Practically every segment participant offers some form of all-weather prepared variant. That leaves prospective crossover drivers with a million dollar question: Which AWD system is better?

Subaru is the king of standardization. By sweeping AWD across a majority of its lineup--excluding the Subaru BRZ--it makes AWD attainable. According to a recent test completed by a group of first-responders, however, Subaru AWD generosity is not all pushing it ahead of the competition.

With the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system, the Subaru Forester creates uniform stability and power distribution for better efficiency, improved handling and quick responsiveness. Keep control without loosing fun driving dynamics with Subaru’s AWD equipment.

Interested in checking out the AWD equipped Subaru Forester? Then join us here at Garcia Subaru North in Albuquerque for a test drive today.


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