Temperatures in the wintertime around Albuquerque don't get into the frigid zones experienced in some parts of the country. But we still have our share of days when the outside air is well below freezing and rain can make roadways slick. Colder temperatures can be hard on your Subaru in many ways so here are some of the benefits of a wintertime checkup at Garcia Subaru North in Albuquerque NM.

Winter checkpoint #1: Let us check your tires

You and your family depend heavily on the condition of your tires even when road services are smooth and dry. When winter coats the streets and highways with rain and even a layer of ice, your tires become more critical than ever. We can check your tread depth and make sure you've got more than 4/32nds of an inch. If your tires are starting to wear thin, we have an outstanding selection of quality name brand tires in stock.

Winter checkpoint #2: Let us check your battery

The battery under your hood has to work a lot harder to start your car when temperatures get down below freezing. One of our experienced technicians can run a load test to see just how much charging power your battery has right now. It's a lot better to find out if your battery is approaching early retirement when your car is sitting in our shop than it is to make that discovery on a cold winter night when you're far from your home in Rio Rancho.

Winter checkpoint #3: Allow us to replace a worn-out battery

Because your battery doesn't send out audible signals when it's losing power, it's wise to take advantage of our free load test. We can run that test any time you bring your Subaru model in for a multi-point inspection. We even use a Subaru-specific battery tester to check it and your charging system as well. If your battery is running low, we have an excellent variety of new batteries in stock and we'll be happy to install one for you.

Winter checkpoint #4: Let us do a wheel alignment

Nobody tries to run over a pothole but if you do, it can throw your car out of proper alignment. The same thing can happen if you hit a curb a little too hard. When your wheels and tires aren't properly aligned, it makes your steering less precise and less accurate. When you’re driving over slippery, rainy roads, that can be downright hazardous. An expert wheel alignment can get you back on track to keep you and your family safer.

Winter checkpoint 5#: Let us check your windshield wipers

Your windshield wipers are important any time of the year, but when there's a lot of wintertime rain descending on your windshield, the integrity of your windshield wipers becomes essential. We can examine them to see if they’re cleaning off your windshield well enough to give you excellent visibility in winter weather. If you need new wiper blades, we can install them so you’re ready for whatever you run into around Placitas or Bernalillo NM.

Winter checkpoint #6: Let us top off your fluid levels

It's a good idea to have us fill up your windshield wiper reservoir with plenty of wiper fluid. We can also make sure you have enough coolant, or antifreeze, and we will advise you if you need a flush and refill. There's still time to winterize your vehicle before winter gives you the cold shoulder, so schedule a winter checkup soon at Garcia Subaru North in Albuquerque NM.

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