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Routine maintenance is essential for keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Regular upkeep also increases longevity and helps to keep you safer on the roads of Rio Rancho. Life gets busy, and it's okay to miss a service appointment once in a while. However, falling behind on the most crucial tasks can lead to expensive repairs and safety risks. Here are some of the top Subaru services our team wants you to consider.


Change Your Oil

You'll want to stay current on oil changes according to your vehicle's user manual recommendations. This service ensures your oil has the proper levels of clean oil to lubricate moving parts and maintain temperature. Overheating can seriously damage your engine, and gunky oil will cause sluggish performance.

Replace the Air Filter

Your air filter removes dirt and impurities from the air that enters your engine. Changing this filter on time ensures your engine can perform properly without disruption. 

Tire Care

You should replace your car's tires when the treads become significantly worn or patchy. We also recommend rotating your tires according to your manufacturer's recommended schedule to avoid uneven wear. You should also check the pressure about once a month for a smoother ride and longer lifespan. 

Brake Inspection

If you notice squealing or other noises when braking, you may need brake service. Our team can inspect your brake system and alert you to any issues. Driving with worn rotors or pads is a safety risk you don't want to take. 

Book Your Service Appointment

Are you behind on any of these services? Ask about our service specials. If you live near Placitas, our mechanics can take care of any service needs you may have with certified OEM parts. You can schedule your service appointment online or give us a call. We are happy to assist you with all of your Subaru service needs.

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