For Quality Auto Service and Repair in Albuquerque, Make Garcia Subaru North, Serving Rio Rancho, Placitas and Bernalillo Your First and Only Stop

Here at our Garcia Subaru North service and repair center in Albuquerque, we have a staff of quality skilled and detail-oriented technicians who love serving the automotive needs of our customers. Our auto repair center serves drivers from Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Placitas, NM and beyond. When you visit our auto repair center we aim to service your vehicle the way it should be, using only genuine Subaru parts. Whether you are in need of a simple oil change, tire rotation, or something more complex, rest assured that our talented Subaru repair team will work hard to get your New or Used Subaru back on the road in no time.

Whether opting to be proactive through routine maintenance or dealing with an untimely repair, our service technicians extensive repertoire grant them the capability to address whatever you throw their way. Our service menu is diverse, covering everything from your basic upkeep to more advanced overhauls:

A Few of Our Garcia Subaru North Services

  • Oil Change: If you are not regularly changing your oil, you are in big trouble. Oil changes are necessary for Bernalillo area folks because hot climates contribute to oil breaking down. When oil breaks down, it leaves a sludge in your engine that contributes to wear of your vehicle. Also, if you don't change your oil regularly then it can't flow through your vehicle and lubricate the necessary parts as well. This also increases wear on your engine. At Garcia Subaru North, we can change your oil and make sure to clean necessary areas to prevent further damage to your vehicle!
  • Coolant System Check: If your coolant system is leaking coolant it is due to a cracked hose and it is only the first step to a host of other problems. Have our service team inspect your hoses and your coolant reservoir for any leaks. These leaks can cause an unnecessary build up in your engine which could lead to further problems down the line.
  • Coolant Flush: Much like oil, your coolant can break down and require replacing. Your coolant is necessary for ensuring that your engine doesn't overheat. So if you have contaminated oil or oil that has depleted then you need to replace it. Broken down coolant, much like oil, can leave a residue on your radiator, which would affect its performance. To avoid a further headache down the line, make sure you replace your coolant regularly!
  • Maintain your Air-Conditioning System: Air conditioning is essential for any Rio Rancho weather and there is nothing worse than a broken air conditioner. Small routine maintenance on your air conditioner can help prevent further expensive issues down the line. Leaks can leave lasting damage to your vehicle and the environment, let the folks at our service center take a look at your vehicle to ensure that it is running how it is supposed to be. Your air filters may need cleaning, replacing or unclogging; a simple routine fix like this can keep refreshing cool air pumping through your system and prevent those annoying blasts of hot air.
  • Tire Pressure Checks: When you have a busy schedule and that tire pressure light comes on, it can be easy to ignore but you shouldn't. Maintaining your tire pressure can help improve your fuel economy, turning ability and grip on the road. Low tire pressure with an already hot road surface can snowball into a bigger issue because excessive heat can cause your tire to overheat and eventually burst. Avoid surprises like these by getting your tire pressure checked at our service center!
  • Replace your Battery: Hot conditions and excessive vibration can cause a battery to deplete at a higher rate. A depleted battery can stop you in your tracks because without it, your car won't run. Replacing your battery yourself can be dangerous due to battery acid and build up, have our team at our service center inspect and replace your battery for you!

Whether it is a simple oil change or a leaky air conditioning system that requires a belt change here and there, our expertly-trained staff at our service center is here to help you with whatever you need. Don't be stuck in the dust because you forgot to check your tire pressure or your battery life, keep up and get your vehicle serviced at our service center today!

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Service Tip of the Month

Check engine oil at every other fill-up:

For an accurate reading, follow this procedure:

Run or drive your car for about 15 minutes to warm the oil; then park the car in a level place.Turn off the engine and wait 15 minutes to allow the oil in the engine to drain back to the oil pan.
Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a paper towel or rag. Reinsert the dipstick, being sure to push it in all the way, then pull it out again to check the oil level. It should be somewhere between the hash marks on the dipstick. Add the type and amount of oil as specified in your owner's manual, if necessary.

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